our services. bespoke to your lifestyle and aims

Our bespoke educational services allow you to achieve practical and theoretical experience at a pace that suits your present career commitments and ambitions. FUTURESMART gives you the option to attain academic and/or professional qualifications, via a non-traditional journey that suits you. We believe and have proven track record that it is possible to pursue a successful sports career and obtain qualifications necessary for a successful lifer after sport.

All course work can be accessed and achieved online. Consultation and interaction with your personal tutor will be through video communication with the option of face to face meetings when required.

FUTURESMART also provides you with access to a comprehensive qualified and personal support network. From expert career advice and educational guidance, to personal and professional development coaching, we are experienced at providing elite athletes with everything they require to deliver a successful outcome and place our clients in a stronger position.

• Establish the aim and focus for your future. 

• Understand your attributes and how to apply them to a new career.

• Consider the skills acquired in your present role and how to use them to pursue a new career or assist in gaining formal qualifications. 

• Develop a programme to achieve this aim. 

• Select and undertake the qualifications needed to achieve your goal. 


Free one-to-one or online consultation with one of our professional tutors to outline our services and your present position and future aspirations.

An initial needs analysis meeting as the first step in developing a focussed personal action plan. ESTABLISHING an aim and clarifying your focus for your future. UNDERSTANDING your attributes and how these might be applied to a new career.

THINKING about the skills acquired in your present role and how they might be used in a new position, or how they may assist in gaining formal qualifications. DEVELOPING a plan of action for the steps required to achieve your aims.

We will help you outline your academic pathways for career development by developing a bespoke package including a timeline and detailed action plan. READ MORE ABOUT OUR BESPOKE PROGRAMMES



FUTURESMART helps you set up and develop a PERSONAL PORTFOLIO OF EVIDENCE, an essential asset for whichever pathway you choose to pursue. This will include a crafted CV and personal statement; an overview of your unique attributes and transferable skills; your existing professional or academic qualifications and other achievements relevant to your future. Whilst setting up your Personal Portfolio with us you will also develop your interview, communication and presentation skills.

“Having attained degree qualification, FUTURESMART developed my PERSONAL PORTFOLIO with transferable skills assessment, CV improvements and CPD. Carole was always so enthusiastic and helpful, and at the end of the phone if I ever needed any extra support.” TRISTAN LLOYD . YORKSHIRE CARNEGIE



Our extended network and years of collaboration with Universities allows us to negotiate on your behalf with Universities to identify the most appropriate courses for you, or development of bespoke courses, from Foundation, Undergraduate and Masters levels, to Professional Doctorates. 


Assistance for both academic and professional development programmes during and after the application process. One-to-one support and mentoring in achieving academic and professional qualifications. Our Virtual Learning Platform offers you the classroom experience with all the resources, information and literature required to develop your project, plus the opportunity to discuss your work with your personal tutor and cohort. READ MORE ABOUT OUR BESPOKE PROGRAMMES


With FUTURESMART you will be able to access a network of professionals in established companies and organisations, who can offer mentorship and/or assist you in securing professional work placements.


Enhancing critical thinking and reflective practice are proven to enhance performance as an athlete or coach. Time away from the sport during rest and recovery will become more productive and engaging – an effective break from the pressure of the sport as well as preparing you for life after sport.