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FUTURESMART can help you access a range of courses or programmes from the academic to vocational or practical.
Some of these options can be linked to bespoke packages, a unique feature of FUTURESMART. READ MORE These options can be discussed on an individual basis.



In many instances FUTURESMART can integrate your chosen course with practical experience. This can underpin your chosen route, and place you in a stronger position to enter the open employment market. An example is our Education Packages.


Our PS2E (Professional Sport to Education) is a unique programme designed for – but not exclusively – Professional Athletes. There are different pathways to choose from and FUTURESMART will help construct one to suit your needs. This is why we are unique in offering bespoke solutions.

1-3 day introductory programme 

12 day programme
• Can follow or be in lieu of 1-3 day introductory programme
• Includes accredited course in safeguarding plus further options
• Genuine work experience and access to head teacher and other staff
• Structured recording of experience
• Can include a reflective essay for a Certificate in Education (level 4/5)
• Inclusion in portfolio of evidence
• Advice/mentoring for future job applications

I already have an undergraduate degree
• Can either get Qualified Teacher Status whilst working in a private school or
• Apply directly to Sheffield University for the International PGCERT in Teaching (an online course)

I do not have an undergraduate degree
FUTURESMART can find the best route for you

• Negotiate with University to access the IPGCERT in Teaching using your portfolio and previous experience READ MORE
• Complete FutureSmart’s PGCERT in Leadership to access the University teaching qualification

I want a Masters degree in Education to further my career prospects
• FUTURESMART can help you access this via their PGCERT in Leadership if you do not have an undergraduate degree. READ MORE


There are 3 modules, which will teach you the academic skills required to work at this level.  On completion, you will reflect on your learning and your portfolio will be submitted to your chosen university demonstrating your learning and ability to work at Masters level.

• This involves a review of literature relating to an area of leadership that interests you.  It allows you to explore what others have written about the subject. You will need, with the help of your tutor, to hone down on key points, and criticise others’ opinions where appropriate. Your experience of leadership will help you to critically evaluate the literature using this new knowledge.
• Assessment: 3,500-word reflective review of the literature, which critically examines the concept of leadership.  

• Is the design of a short research project. This is an academic yet practical investigation that teaches you some of the technicalities and ethics of research. The type of “research” involved usually entails gathering, synthesizing and evaluating information from other people’s perspectives. It can be based within your present working environment, and will need to answer a question that interests you, or might be relevant to your place of work. It is not complicated.
• Assessment: A 4,000-word account of how you will go about your project, with discussion of your methods and limitations.

• For this final section you would need to undertake the small-scale study identified in Module 2, analyse the data and present the findings to a small group of interested people using a poster to support your presentation. Following the presentation you will reflect on the impact these 3 modules have had on your development.
• Assessment: Completion and presentation of project. Following this you will develop a 1,500-word reflective essay on your CPD development.