your future. your choice. your pace.

FUTURESMART has been established to help professional athletes and now also servicepeople prepare for life after your first career comes to an end. We help you gain the best CV possible for you to apply for your chosen second career or necessary qualifications when your time comes. Our programme falls into two sections: 



We develop bespoke programmes to help you improve your qualifications and CV for the future. This is about you and your needs. It might include academic qualifications, but more importantly, it is about what suits you and your progress.  If you are undecided, or don’t know how your skill sets could be applied, we can offer some guidance to aid your decisions. We can help you access a range of professional or academic qualifications. Where appropriate, we can help you access Masters level courses without an undergrad degree via our PGCERT in Leadership.

We offer different packages: for example, our PS2E (Professional Sport to Education) is a 12 day placement in a school with a developmental portfolio, which will give you a taste of working in this environment. There are options to obtain further relevant qualifications should you wish to progress along a teaching/coaching/DOR type of route. 

We can replicate this model for BUSINESS / MARKETING / REAL ESTATE / CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT / ACCOUNTANCY and many more. Every plan is about you and how our offers and programmes will fit around your needs. 

Importantly, our programmes allow the attributes and skills acquired by each individual to be utilised in their study of academic qualifications with universities and designed with potential employers in mind.




All our students will also benefit from our WELFARE HUB. A Hub with like-minded businesses supporting professional athletes and servicepeople with bespoke services. The Hub consists of a wide range of services including financial advice, business coaching, insurances, mentoring, mortgages, recruitment, career planing, travel & holiday, personal coaching&development and many more.


We offer a free consultation, from which we would expect to draw up an Action Plan of what you think would be right for you. If you wished to continue with our services – such as arranging courses; negotiating with Universities; undertaking any of our packages; developing a Personal Portfolio of Evidence – there would be a small charge.

We are here to help you, please contact us for more information or to book your free consultation with or call me on 07903775649. If I can’t answer please leave a message and I will call you back.


The Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership (PGCERT) has been developed specifically for professional athletes and servicepeople by our Head of Education Carole Davies and her academy team and is a qualification unique to FUTURESMART. It makes it the perfect entry point to a Master’s degree for servicepeople and athletes without undergraduate qualifications. The PGCERT is a very valuable starting point to develop your critical, analytical, management, communication, problem solving and writing skills needed at Masters level.

It will teach you the academic skills required at post-graduate level, and is centred on the subject of leadership, with which you will already have been involved, and have formed opinions of, over the years in your first professional career. On completion of the PGCERT you will feel more comfortable working at post-graduate level, which will set you up to succeed in the next programme.


Our PS2E (Professional Sport to Education) is a unique programme designed for – but not exclusively – Professional Athletes who are considering a career in education. We have successfully supported many athletes who have done our programmes and used their acquired skill sets to become leaders, teachers, coaches and Director of Sport in educational establishments. There are different pathways to choose from and FUTURESMART will help construct one to suit your needs. This is why we are unique in offering bespoke solutions.