your future. your choice. your pace.

FUTURESMART provides support for professional athletes to study for Undergraduate, Masters or Professional Qualifications during or after their sporting careers. Our bespoke educational programmes are specifically structured to be compatible with an individual’s present career commitments and their future ambitions.

Importantly, our programmes allow the attributes and skills acquired by each athlete to be utilised in their study of academic qualifications with universities and designed with potential employers in mind.

All bespoke packages are accessible online and support from qualified tutors is available locally to each athlete to suit her/his schedule.

Together with the athlete, we identify their future career path and assist them to find the right course and method of study, balancing the demands of academic study with their day-to-day professional commitments.

We work at your pace, we negotiate for you and offer the guidance, support and tuition in order for you to succeed.

“Studying with FUTURESMART has been an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. The team understands each individual student’s needs and provide a bespoke study programme. FUTURESMART also create a support programme to assist the student by balancing work and study. Carole’s passion for learning and experience in Higher Education help support your learning objectives and personal development.”


the only bespoke postgraduate qualification in leadership

The Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership (PGCERT) has been developed specifically for professional athletes by our Head of Education Carole Davies and her academy team and is a qualification unique to FUTURESMART. It makes it the perfect entry point to a Master’s degree for athletes without undergraduate qualifications. The PGCERT is a very valuable starting point to develop your critical, analytical, management, communication, problem solving and writing skills needed at Masters level.

It will teach you the academic skills required at post-graduate level, and is centred on the subject of leadership, with which you will already have been involved, and have formed opinions of, over the years in professional sport. On completion of the PGCERT you will feel more comfortable working at post-graduate level, which will set you up to succeed in the next programme.

“Retiring from a career in professional sport can be a very stressful time, particularly when you have a young family to support. I am very fortunate to have met Carole whilst I was still playing because FUTURESMART has led me to a post-rugby career in education that I never imagined was possible. Carole gave me both the confidence and the right advice to help me access the Masters course I needed to progress my career. Without FUTURESMART I certainly wouldn’t be in the position I am now.”